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Titled "A Tribute to CLASSIC Doordarshan Entertainment". Recall, Refresh and Cherish sweet childhood memories.
A blog all about recalling the "Good times" we grew up watching as a child in 70s thru early 90s on Doordarshan national channel. This blog calls to have Fun refreshing and cherishing some unforgettable and memorable television momments on DD. I'm just glad to express my personal views and opinions along with our Blogger fans who send us amazing Fan mails about few Shows and Sitcoms aired on retro Doordarshan. Isn't it a great feeling to find those great stories we had once watched when we were just kids? Don't you feel those retro shows still connect to us in the present time someway or the other? well, I assume we do and why not! there has been some kind of good influence on our minds after all we have had a great association with the past shows that aired till the mid 90's :) So Let's keep cherishing those lovely memories right here in this Blog.

Here's a Wonderful chance to "RE-LIVE" those Heartwarming Moments.

So ENJOY the Info and Clips of few Retro Hindi and English sitcoms aired in "GOLDEN YEARS" of Television on DOORDARSHAN National Channel!

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Nostalgic 80s n early 90s DD days

Say Hellooo! to your school years and your Childhood days :)

National programme was introduced in 1982. In the same year, colour TV was introduced in the Indian market with the live telecast of the Independence Day speech by then prime minister Indira Gandhi on 15 August 1982, followed by the 1982 Asian Games being held in Delhi. The 80s was the era of Doordarshan with soaps like Hum Log (1984), Buniyaad (1986-87), comedy shows like Yeh Jo Hai Zindagi (1984) and mythological dramas like Ramayan (1987-88) and Mahabharat (1988-89) glued millions to Doordarshan. Other popular programs included Hindi film songs based programs like Chitrahaar and Rangoli and crime thrillers like Karamchand (starring Pankaj Kapoor), Byomkesh Bakshi (starring Rajit kapur) and Janki Jasoos. Source: WIKI

If you would like to read more about early days of DD, you can do so by going over Here.


Do you miss the Good old Years? Hmm...do you wonder where did those days go, vanished before you could know it. Well I do. Therefore, I thought how about collecting some memories and consolidating them in one website. Isn't it interesting? Actually these shows were "something" they were simple and one could really associate their life with it cause when we watched those shows, we felt like it was like a reflection of life. So why not watch those trapped moments from the Past you may realize Simple things are so beautiful.

Here's a link of some intro clips of old Sitcoms aired on Doordarshan.

You can watch some of your Fav Old Doordarshan Serials Online here like PAYING GUEST, FLOP SHOW, MALGUDI DAYS, KACHCHI DHOOP, BYOMKESH BAKSHI and many more just by scrolling down this page. Click and enjoy!

Folks, I would like to dedicate this blog to all those people, who have cherished their childhood memories and who've educated themselves with some really good shows that aired in 70s to early 90s on doordarshan national Channel.

A Retro clip: Ek Anek aur Ekta by Films Division 1974

This Video is all about giving a positive and powerful message to the whole nation i.e.,"United we Stand, Divided we Fall". How we can create wonders by forgetting about the cast, creed and color of a man. They should still play it. I simply used to enjoy this video when I was small, still do its very inspirational too.

Alright people!! how about refreshing those days right here :) discuss n comment about your favourite shows and artists. Know more about the lost memories, just to feel good and be proud about your sweet Childhood days.

Can you name some of the old DD TV Actors?

I can think right now of some popular names like Neena Gupta, Sriram lagoo, Mohan bhandari, Alok nath mmmm how about you?

Search Retro DD!

Doordarshan Celebrates its 50th Anniversary!

Great memories you'll find in this video and I am happy to share a part of it with you all. Interested Viewers can follow the link within the video to watch all the parts.

So here we are talking about the Retro programs on DD and their awesome journey :) it all started when Doordarshan was introduced all over India after Television services were separated from A.I.R(All India Radio) on April 1, 1976 with the live telecast of the Independence Day speech by then prime minister Mrs. Indira Gandhi on 15 August 1982. These were the times when Indian Television evolution was just beginning like News Coverage's around the world and as we see in this video they talk about how they broke more barriers in developing the Network.

Memories refreshed about Entertainment Programs that started becoming more and more popular like Feature Films, Chitrahaar, Sitcoms like Hum-log earning them good TRP and there was this one particular program which is considered to have broken lot of records and ratings, it was the greatest hits of that time "Phool kile hain gulshan gulshan" for which the host Ms Tabassum, expresses her experiences doing the show which are sweet as herself. Many such faces, shows and programs make you feel nostalgic when you watch it after all these years. Doordarshan here also recalls about the experiences of the early Reporters and New readers national and International like Ms Salma if you remember, the beautiful News reader from the 80s who shared her First day experience of News reading in the Studio which was a bittersweet experience as this network was just in a initial stage.

There came many events as the Evolution of Indian Television was just beginning like there was telecast of Asian Games, National programs and that when color was introduced on the Independence day of 1982. I assume the Biggest and greatest unforgettable event was the Victory of ICC World cup Championship 1984, in the same year the Indian viewers enjoyed and were so proud to watch the telecast of the First Indian cosmonaut "Rakesh Sharma" with team who spent eight days journeying around the Earth's orbit in a space station called Salyut 7.

It might have been great experience for Doordarshan to have reached these many years with Telecast of Good shows and educate us with informative films, Documentaries, Movies, sitcom/TV series, Events and various programs National and International and its still goin' on Good.

Congratulations on 50! We wish you all the luck for years to come.

Here's a Video of some Sweet memories of Retro DD.

Pyar Ki Ganga Bahe video

Enjoy this most awaited clip aired on DD somewhere in the early 90s featuring all the Hit Bollywood stars of that time. A beautiful song on HARMONY and Peace :)


Spread the Light of Freedom

Good Times Old Doordarshan:)

Doordarshan Signature Montage.

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Seconds glimpse of Soap drama back in the Days!!

International Documentaries on Classic DD

Dear Viewers, as you know in the 80s we never had these cable specialty channels like Discovery, Animal Planet or History channel 'cause of Doordarshan monopoly which they enjoyed ruling for sometime but then still, DD brought to us some great geographical documentaries every week from International Television Production co'es  like BBC, Transtel and many other. Among them I remembered 2 great shows, one in particular was dedicated on the works of a great Marine Explorer Jacques Cousteau,  which was called "Secrets of the Sea" and  there was another popular program that I watched n enjoyed very keenly with my Grandpa known as "The Living Planet" presented by a British naturalist - David Attenborough. It took me a while to figure out about these shows they were haunting my mind for many years now and with little help from our Retro DD Fans, I was happy to post it. Watching from shows like these I bet many of you will agree with me:that one can imagine how Passionate these Personalities were with their discoveries as they endlessly explored and later was clearly seen in their work and brought the ideas out into Reality. These great Men loved and worshiped their work outcomes of which, we till date Honor them.

Again feels really awesome to add these clips in this blog where I can just come back and watch it again. I care a big deal for old popular shows out of thousand new series, 'cause of their Work, the quality and above all the Originality. Senior Icons in Educational programs have set so many platforms for new talents which were made in 20th Century that just kept inspiring upcoming Talents resulting  today, in some marvelous work we see in Research programs or in studies of the Universe / Planets or Nature of living beings, an Eye opener to understand various facts about Life and forms.

So how many of you did recall the following Programs aired on DD? :)

Secrets of the sea.

Remember! you could watch these magnificent species living under the water, right from your living room, it was cool and fascinating.. Ocean Cool! :) the Spectacular Whales and awesome Dolphins rising from no-where and Diving back into the Ocean was so Mind blowing!. Mr J.Cousteau had a great connection with the Ocean, he having a great time with his Work that he carried on Camera, the drama with these wonderful Mammals and the beautiful Species under-water made this show worth watching.

Mr.Cousteau carried tremendous research about species living in the Ocean. He was the Man who made us- the Viewers, realize how beautiful Ocean life beneath is.

Check out this Cool video.

Source: Wiki

Sir David Frederick Attenborough is a British broadcaster and naturalist.

His career as the face and voice of natural history programmes has endured for more than 50 years. He is best known for writing and presenting the nine Life series, in conjunction with the BBC Natural History Unit, which collectively form a comprehensive survey of all life on the planet. He is also a former senior manager at the BBC, having served as controller of BBC Two and director of programming for BBC Television in the 1960s and 1970s.

Attenborough is widely considered a national treasure in Britain, although he himself does not care for the term. He is a younger brother of director, producer and actor Richard Attenborough.

The Building of Earth

HUM LOG 1984

As a Child, I only recall the title track tune but nothing about the series as I was too young to understand and grasp anything from this show and to tell you the truth, I remember finding this show really boring. Its been said that HUM LOG was the pioneering TV soap opera of the country and today as a grown-up, I totally agree after watching this Pilot episode. This 80s soap, in the history of Indian television set records for getting the highest television rating points (TRPs) for close to a Decade, so there's no denying about the fact that it was one of the most successful family drama in those times. The Legendary characters of the sitcom sold the series wonderfully,  has engraved in people's memory who watched it then and I assume who understand "real life drama" of a family will buy it today as well.
Just a thought: Today's Jr.Artists aspiring to Stardom may want to engrave this kind of performance in their mind to be a good actor.

In my opinion, today we'll never find this kind of Art not just because of the different generation or Time but 'cause of the simplicity and the natural performance these Actors delivered. What I mean to say is that its difficult to find such passion with serenity and its the reason that makes me wanna say they are, the REAL ACTORS. Look at their performance, what you're gonna find is the amazing chemistry between each roles, story and most importantly the act which are main ingredients of a Delicious performance. The integration of their body, Language, mind and soul is marvelous. Absolutely there is no commercialism or acting in this old series its like its all happening right in-front of you. Feels really live. Wow! "Old is really Gold".

Every single episode in the end, Ashok kumar gave his reviews and a summary which in a way was very helpful to the viewers and this part was quite unusual for a sitcom which made this particular show distinct from others. He pointed out the issues that everyone faced in the family, their struggles and how some of them took a stand for themselves and for those who didn't do anything about it, let themselves get grilled by the other family members who were somewhat little better-off. Hum log was about the 80s quintessential middle-class Indian joint family and their hardship to tackle the issues living in the hard economy was all very well depicted in the show.


Malgudi Days 1987

Hello viewers! How you've been doin'? I hope really amazing! Here I am to grind your mind again with my Post that some of you like and some of you may not- my Apologies for that 'n' Check this out Malgudi is Back! you can watch all the Episodes HERE.

Folks, how would you describe the world today in One word? if you ask me, I would in Two : )
I would describe it "Digital" and as "Commercial". Today we look for things which could magically take us on to a Fast track that could fulfill any needs or relieve any kind of stress, all with an ease of pushing a Button. We live in the world where TECHNOLOGY plays an important role that just doesn't stop striving to make our lives more easier. Some of you may think (as you read this post) what is this Non-professional blogger exactly gettin' at! :) Well yes I may not be making a lot of sense talking about the Times we are in now or how the Technology is taking over our natural lives that could anyway relate to this Post about Malgudi Days 1987 and it really doesn't much but just a little, comparing to how simpler those times were earlier when people lived with almost same material expectations or any other but with a twist and that were about Principles, looking for the real meaning of LIFE, existence of each individual and their contribution to the community. Please forgive me, I am not implying that there are no such people including myself in today's era that would do anything for the betterment of their communities but its just that I personally feel, the voice is not heard enough.

Let me ask you another question, regarding family sitcoms on TV:
Folks, in today's date would you be interested in watching just an Episode about a life of an ordinary Clerk or Cashier or a Cobbler or any Common Man (of any profession) who didn't make a million bucks?? I guess 90% of us may not, since there are lot of choices to skip Or who knows may be we've just lost those directors who created 80s DD soap Operas which had all that. I am talking about those stories like in a 20min episode every week we watched a simple Life of a Farmer who managed to make us cry and at times put a huge smile on our faces and the Viewers no matter what status or class they belonged, they bought it and loved it. There was a connection and the Essence of life was not all that different. One thing I would like to add about Reality shows today in Sports and some informative programs including News and talk shows are really great and have evolved a lot compared to old Doordarshan programs. So that's a Good thing!

Some of the viewers in the mails write to me that "You Digg for memories from the Past 'cause this thing called "Nostalgia" hit you good and for the fact those Serials were off the air for a long time" and I agree but that is not all true. Doordarshan Programs had some really great content with good quality of Art and Direction which managed to convince us and made a difference in our thoughts. Of course in the earlier days Doordarshan, the state-owned monopoly was the only channel yet it had a lot of Variety and thru which we not only got entertained but got educated about lot of things in a fairly practical way. That's how I remember those days.

So how about those times right! who can really forget what Magic Malgudi days brought in our Lives : ) The TV series so well directed by the Late Kannada Actor and Director Shankar Nag based on R K Narayan's short stories along with his Brother, another renowned Kannada Actor, Politician Mr. Ananth Nag who played many roles and contributed really great throughout the show.
Wonderful Stories that revolved around a Small town known as MALGUDI and the period was quite earlier when the Country was under the British Rule. Believe me or not this show had everything, there were stories that dealt with humility, religion, a family, Govt servants, about a Child, a Maid, Vendors, a belief, Student, the watchman or just a Mail-man.. anything you could think of.

Another fact, what is unforgettable about Malgudi days, is the title track ta na na ta na..! the soothing flute music, the playback sounds in the series and the beginning credits. Here's a crazy thought:  Is it me or do you also think when you look at  R K. Laxman's cartoons, the story tells itself : ) great sketches aren't they? The acclaimed cartoonist R K. Laxman with those superb illustrations always made me wonder what would they show today? will it be a suspense story? a thriller or a happy ending, well, whatever goes on in the mind of an 8 to 9 year old kid, Right!

As we watched we wondered about the Stories that put us into a deep thought, sometimes we laughed, we were surprised, saddened, fooled and at times terrified just like how Life could throw anything at ya. What can I say more, It was simply great, entertaining and interesting to watch. Lastly i would like to say, If there was an Emmy Award or an award equivalent to Oscar for Indian television Programs those days, I bet Malgudi days would have won many and again in many categories.

Watch this amazing Episode:  "Engine Trouble" one of my Favorite story 'n' it is so funny about an unsophisticated person winning a Lottery prize at the town's Fair and how he gets Tangled with that Prize..Enjoy!

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Watch the Pilot Episode, right here ;) its called "THE FIRST LESSON".

This may have not been aired on DD national channel in the 70s or 80s but I must tell ya, its pretty entertaining. I am sure you guys would love it the plot is based on the Foreign students who join the Adult School in UK England i believe, to learn "English as a Foreign Language" this is the course they are "Unrolled for" as one of the student puts it to the school's pompous and tight-fisted Principal, Ms Courtney, when the student is looking to find the Classroom (what he means is Enrolled for) Mr Brown who's the English teacher learns himself the trouble and humor in different cultures from the students as he is teaching them. I love this sitcom enjoyed watchin' very episode n its really hilarious to listen to the students when they innocently mis-interpret things or mis-pronounce words while they are learning. Watch n Enjoy:)">


Old Doordarshan Serials Online!

Please bear with me for the updates of your favourite videos when they aren't available. Thank you.

WATCH Your Favorite SITCOMS aired on DOORDARSHAN in 1980s/1990s below. E n j o y :)

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