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Titled "A Tribute to CLASSIC Doordarshan Entertainment". Recall, Refresh and Cherish sweet childhood memories.
A blog all about recalling the "Good times" we grew up watching as a child in 70s thru early 90s on Doordarshan national channel. This blog calls to have Fun refreshing and cherishing some unforgettable and memorable television momments on DD. I'm just glad to express my personal views and opinions along with our Blogger fans who send us amazing Fan mails about few Shows and Sitcoms aired on retro Doordarshan. Isn't it a great feeling to find those great stories we had once watched when we were just kids? Don't you feel those retro shows still connect to us in the present time someway or the other? well, I assume we do and why not! there has been some kind of good influence on our minds after all we have had a great association with the past shows that aired till the mid 90's :) So Let's keep cherishing those lovely memories right here in this Blog.

Here's a Wonderful chance to "RE-LIVE" those Heartwarming Moments.

So ENJOY the Info and Clips of few Retro Hindi and English sitcoms aired in "GOLDEN YEARS" of Television on DOORDARSHAN National Channel!

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Nostalgic 80s n early 90s DD days

Say Hellooo! to your school years and your Childhood days :)

National programme was introduced in 1982. In the same year, colour TV was introduced in the Indian market with the live telecast of the Independence Day speech by then prime minister Indira Gandhi on 15 August 1982, followed by the 1982 Asian Games being held in Delhi. The 80s was the era of Doordarshan with soaps like Hum Log (1984), Buniyaad (1986-87), comedy shows like Yeh Jo Hai Zindagi (1984) and mythological dramas like Ramayan (1987-88) and Mahabharat (1988-89) glued millions to Doordarshan. Other popular programs included Hindi film songs based programs like Chitrahaar and Rangoli and crime thrillers like Karamchand (starring Pankaj Kapoor), Byomkesh Bakshi (starring Rajit kapur) and Janki Jasoos. Source: WIKI

If you would like to read more about early days of DD, you can do so by going over Here.


Do you miss the Good old Years? Hmm...do you wonder where did those days go, vanished before you could know it. Well I do. Therefore, I thought how about collecting some memories and consolidating them in one website. Isn't it interesting? Actually these shows were "something" they were simple and one could really associate their life with it cause when we watched those shows, we felt like it was like a reflection of life. So why not watch those trapped moments from the Past you may realize Simple things are so beautiful.

Here's a link of some intro clips of old Sitcoms aired on Doordarshan.

You can watch some of your Fav Old Doordarshan Serials Online here like PAYING GUEST, FLOP SHOW, MALGUDI DAYS, KACHCHI DHOOP, BYOMKESH BAKSHI and many more just by scrolling down this page. Click and enjoy!

Folks, I would like to dedicate this blog to all those people, who have cherished their childhood memories and who've educated themselves with some really good shows that aired in 70s to early 90s on doordarshan national Channel.

A Retro clip: Ek Anek aur Ekta by Films Division 1974

This Video is all about giving a positive and powerful message to the whole nation i.e.,"United we Stand, Divided we Fall". How we can create wonders by forgetting about the cast, creed and color of a man. They should still play it. I simply used to enjoy this video when I was small, still do its very inspirational too.

Alright people!! how about refreshing those days right here :) discuss n comment about your favourite shows and artists. Know more about the lost memories, just to feel good and be proud about your sweet Childhood days.

Can you name some of the old DD TV Actors?

I can think right now of some popular names like Neena Gupta, Sriram lagoo, Mohan bhandari, Alok nath mmmm how about you?

Search Retro DD!

Doordarshan Celebrates its 50th Anniversary!

Great memories you'll find in this video and I am happy to share a part of it with you all. Interested Viewers can follow the link within the video to watch all the parts.

So here we are talking about the Retro programs on DD and their awesome journey :) it all started when Doordarshan was introduced all over India after Television services were separated from A.I.R(All India Radio) on April 1, 1976 with the live telecast of the Independence Day speech by then prime minister Mrs. Indira Gandhi on 15 August 1982. These were the times when Indian Television evolution was just beginning like News Coverage's around the world and as we see in this video they talk about how they broke more barriers in developing the Network.

Memories refreshed about Entertainment Programs that started becoming more and more popular like Feature Films, Chitrahaar, Sitcoms like Hum-log earning them good TRP and there was this one particular program which is considered to have broken lot of records and ratings, it was the greatest hits of that time "Phool kile hain gulshan gulshan" for which the host Ms Tabassum, expresses her experiences doing the show which are sweet as herself. Many such faces, shows and programs make you feel nostalgic when you watch it after all these years. Doordarshan here also recalls about the experiences of the early Reporters and New readers national and International like Ms Salma if you remember, the beautiful News reader from the 80s who shared her First day experience of News reading in the Studio which was a bittersweet experience as this network was just in a initial stage.

There came many events as the Evolution of Indian Television was just beginning like there was telecast of Asian Games, National programs and that when color was introduced on the Independence day of 1982. I assume the Biggest and greatest unforgettable event was the Victory of ICC World cup Championship 1984, in the same year the Indian viewers enjoyed and were so proud to watch the telecast of the First Indian cosmonaut "Rakesh Sharma" with team who spent eight days journeying around the Earth's orbit in a space station called Salyut 7.

It might have been great experience for Doordarshan to have reached these many years with Telecast of Good shows and educate us with informative films, Documentaries, Movies, sitcom/TV series, Events and various programs National and International and its still goin' on Good.

Congratulations on 50! We wish you all the luck for years to come.

Here's a Video of some Sweet memories of Retro DD.

Pyar Ki Ganga Bahe video

Enjoy this most awaited clip aired on DD somewhere in the early 90s featuring all the Hit Bollywood stars of that time. A beautiful song on HARMONY and Peace :)


Spread the Light of Freedom

Good Times Old Doordarshan:)

Doordarshan Signature Montage.

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Seconds glimpse of Soap drama back in the Days!!

Classic Commercials 'n' Ed Films on DD

Those were the days when watching commercials was not a pain or an  irritative interruption like we see in the present times. We the late, late 70s n early 80s Generation born had such a different kind of innocent understanding of what Ads meant to us as kids. So how do we remember it? Aah! nothin' but Pure FUN filled days!.. 80s commercials to me was like a Tiny Film where everyone seemed so happy with their families, only HAPPY FACES all around havin' a ball!! where the Parents adore their little ones no matter what, playing and singing with them about the Products and in the end of the film they Zoom to the Brand. At times I wondered, "Hey! why can't I have that kind of a Family?..ha ha!. On the other hand, I could never figure what was goin' on in my Folks mind when they watched these ads at the same time we did, always questioned myself , "why weren't they excited as much as we are? felt like nothin' bothered them but they did smile at times for funny ads. Well, which kid could've realized, that the commercials had totally different effect on grownups mind, which had to do more with the Info and knowing better about the New Brands/Versions/Products or services.

The other best part growin' up with those ads I can remember now was  the "Ad  Jingles"  we kept murmuring, singing or screaming about them endlessly specially when  there was minimal supervision from our parents at the Backyard, when our Folks had company like a Party or get-togethers. Wasn't it cool? having the whole backyard to ourselves, it was like we kids had our own party goin on, singing those Jingles our little hearts out! We even enacted them. Still cant get them out of our heads. Cute moments Yep, that's what I am talkin' about folks, we Kids Ruled in our times : ]

I had many favorites some of which are Amul, Parle-G, Bournvita, Maggie, Complan, about Stationary things, Detergents, Butter, Electric appliances which made us go Ga Ga over them, all the time. There were more FMCG Co'es/brands with their products like Dabur, HLL, Emami, Tata tea, Godrej, Bajaj 'n' this could keep goin' on. So all I wanna say is that, little did we know about the Commercials, to us they were not just some Stuff that we were supposed to know n think about it as a commodity or learn the info but it was all about the MAGICAL TIME cause our little childhood innocent souls are somewhere still hidden in them. The 80s "Maggie 2 Mins" Noodle ad is still fresh in my memories as it connects to the Backyard story, I shared with you.

So Folks would you like to share your most Favorite ad? some interesting stories that we could enjoy too.

HAIL TO THE CHILDHOOD DAYS!! I LOVE YOU ..OH THOSE SWEET SWEET MEMORIES is all we've got now and that's what this blog is all about.

Here's some Rare Classic ads that I found on the Web, there were some very few International ads for very short time. So yeah Refresh your memories watchin them here!





Old Spice " the Mark of a Man"


Gillete " The best a man can get"
Though this ad was international I remember it was played for a month or even less and later we had Indian models in Gillete-India ads. This is the original full version aired for US viewers, and for Indian viewers  they showed few parts of this ad with the "Marathon winner" "a Guy on a Scooter", "Two people hug", "the Astronauts walking" and "the Wall street guys", it was short. I recalled the memories associated with this ad, which takes me back to my hometown and in those years when the ad was running on TV, my elder Cousin brother, at times used to sing this jingle with great passion "Gillete! the Best a man can get " he was a College going student and we were just kids, he would say to us, "you watch! I m gonna get a Scooter and a girl to ride with me, just like in the ad" :) ..didn't know what the big deal was, but It was funny to us, Had some good laughs..Well, Times were sweet. Gone are those days..Wow!. Gone with the Wind! Speaking of which, Time stops for no one, when you look back now, after these many years, dont you feel like she's been traveling at a Bullet speed, Crazy!! :)

SPIRIT OF INDIA - Short films





Madras Telgu Academy: The Spirt of Unity for Universal Integration

Baje Sargam Har Taraf Se, Goong bann kar Desh Raag!

Pyar ki Ganga Bahe 1992



Spread the light of Freedom



  1. now i recall Digjam ads, i never knew shekhar kapoor featured in it. Wonderful jan. also the Surf ad, quite nostalgic :)

  2. AnonymousJune 26, 2008

    I remember an ad of Gold spot where in Aftab had starred as a Child do you know about it? nice collection you've got here

  3. all the ads are good since DD was the only channel still we enjoyed them. watching an Ad those days was more fun but today i want to run away no matter how good they are they are so interruptive. But DD ads back me feel like a small girl even today. thanks for posting these.

  4. hey I like those solgans they used " Vicks ki goli lo kich kich door karo" its so nostalgic na? and that of Lijjat papad " karam kuram, kuram kharam lajhdar mazedaar lijjat lijjat papad,ae he hein,ae he hein".

  5. Nice collection man

  6. Nice collection!

    And thanks for putting in the little video created by me about Indian print ads.

    1. Actually Thank you :) for making that great video.. we recalled more sweet memories!

  7. Hey gr8 collection!! Nostalgia at its pedestal :)

    Can you please find the video of Gary Lawyer's With a cigarette in my hand: A lesson learnt late.

    I did get the mp3 but I want that video and apparently no one seems to have it :(

    Please help!!

  8. Thanks for the nice comment Ashish, i appreciate it.Would you be talkin about any TV show or somethin' i m sorry i really dont remember, if possible can you send the MP3 file to me via e-mail at oldidiotbox@live.com May be i will be able to recall it. Thank you.

  9. Can someone help me find the national integration song Milgaye jab hamare kadam se kadam?? It was aired on DD


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Watch the Pilot Episode, right here ;) its called "THE FIRST LESSON".

This may have not been aired on DD national channel in the 70s or 80s but I must tell ya, its pretty entertaining. I am sure you guys would love it the plot is based on the Foreign students who join the Adult School in UK England i believe, to learn "English as a Foreign Language" this is the course they are "Unrolled for" as one of the student puts it to the school's pompous and tight-fisted Principal, Ms Courtney, when the student is looking to find the Classroom (what he means is Enrolled for) Mr Brown who's the English teacher learns himself the trouble and humor in different cultures from the students as he is teaching them. I love this sitcom enjoyed watchin' very episode n its really hilarious to listen to the students when they innocently mis-interpret things or mis-pronounce words while they are learning. Watch n Enjoy:)">


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